2018-19 PARTNERS

Chris King - Managing Partner

Chris graduated from the University of Southern California, earning a B.S. in Business Administration. After graduation, he worked in consulting at Oliver Wyman and as a Regional Manager at Aldi, where he managed store operations of six stores and led a team of 120 people. At Anderson, Chris is the VP of Finance in the Management Consulting Association and is also active in the UCLA Graduate Student Association as the Director of Administrative Affairs. After graduation, Chris will be joining the Boston Consulting Group, where he spent the summer.  


Shahed Serajuddin - Partner

Prior to UCLA Anderson, Shahed was an entrepreneur in the media and apparel industries. He is the co-founder of YouAreTV, an interactive television platform that raised $1.2M of venture capital and scaled to 80,000 users within 8 months, as well as Moss Clothing, an apparel brand that gained distribution in 500 retailers worldwide. Shahed’s career as a founder has included experience in several strategic verticals, including the supply chain, sales and marketing, and technology, and has resulted in his being named one of the Top 25 Rising Stars in Tech by Business Insider as well as profiled in a national marketing campaign for Sprite.


Tejas Kamaraju - Partner

Tejas graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning a M.S. in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he worked in the technology industry as a Senior Developer, first at Intel and later at Oracle, where he led teams that designed better and faster processor chips and influenced technology strategy. Tejas spent the summer interning in the corporate strategy team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. After graduation, Tejas will be joining L.E.K. Consulting in San Francisco.


Bhavuk Tandon - Partner

Prior to his MBA, Bhavuk spent four years at Schneider Electric in various roles such as manufacturing engineer, production line supervisor and logistics program manager. Across these functions, Bhavuk specialized in executing projects and implementing new processes in several facilities to drive cost, productivity and customer service improvements. Bhavuk interned at McKinsey & Company in their operations and implementation division in Atlanta this past summer and will be returning full-time post-MBA in their LA office.