Who We Look For

We seek to develop some of the most promising consulting talent at UCLA Anderson School of Management.  Membership in ASG is selective — candidates are invited to join only after submitting a resume, application, and completing a case interview.  We welcome applicants from all professional backgrounds.  Strong applicants excel in three areas:

Intellectual Capacity - ASG consultants help clients solve difficult and urgent problems.  They should have superior intellectual abilities and a penchant for finding insight in ambiguous situations.  ASG consultants tend to have strong quantitative scores and a history of academic achievement.

Teamwork - Delivering value to clients requires a strong commitment to achieving and delivering results within the structure of a team.  Applicants should demonstrate a history of being results-oriented and active within a team environment and highlight important team-based accomplishments.

Leadership In ASG, leadership is a quality present at all levels of the organization.  The ability to persuade with logic and empathy is key to success, and ASG consultants often have robust leadership experience in both academic and corporate environments.

How to Apply

If you are interested, please follow the instructions from the Management Consulting Association. Submission documents include your resume in the Anderson format and an answer to the following question:

Why do you want to be a part of ASG and what you can bring to the organization? (max 200 words)

NOTE:  Anyone may apply, but those who choose to join ASG must be an active member of the Management Consulting Association.

The Case Interview

There will be two case components in the interview.  While extensive preparation is not required given the timing of the recruiting process, a basic understanding of the case interview process is recommended.

The websites of the major consulting firms are good resources for case interview familiarization.  In addition, these internal resources from the UCLA Anderson Parker Career Management Center are helpful.