• Non-Profit Retailer: Retail strategy including customer analysis and in-store optimization

  • One Of The World’s Largest Full-Service Dining Franchises: Technology-enabled customer experience transformation

  • LA-Based Non-Profit: Impact maximization strategy comprising KPI formulation, process optimization and allocation methodology development

  • Private Equity and M&A Advisory Services Firm: Three-year growth strategy spanning market evaluation, competitive analysis and operational improvements


  • Top 3 US Golf Course Operator: Revenue and operating model transformation

  • Global Apparel And Sportswear Manufacturer: Market sizing and channel strategy for cutting-edge, technology-enabled product

  • Leading Social Video Streaming Platform: Go-to-market strategy covering branding and cost analysis


  • Social Video Streaming Platform: Market entry strategy for a new vertical

  • AI-Powered Marketing Platform: Technology use case development and valuation for new market entry

  • Alumni Organization: 5-year strategic plan comprising revenue model and engagement strategies

  • High-End Audio Manufacturer: Short-term revenue growth strategy


  • Luxury Home Appliance Retailer: Working capital optimization

  • Specialty Apparel Brand: Marketing segmentation and retail strategy

  • Craft Spirits Producer: Go-to-market strategy

  • Local Pharmaceutical Provider: Retail operations strategy


  • Global Financial Services Firm: Merger integration strategy

  • Non-Profit Sports Advocacy: 3-D printing impact on prosthetic manufacturing

  • Professional Sports League: Digital media strategy

  • Veteran Support Company: Business model development


  • Large Ticketing Company: Product innovation and design

  • Local Hospital System: Marketing strategy

  • Local Non-Profit: Pricing

  • U.S.-Based Food and Beverage Company: Market entry strategy


  • Automotive Industry: Process improvement for evaluating new business opportunities

  • Electric Vehicle Industry: Charging network expansion strategy

  • Local Craft Brewer: Expansion strategy


Local 500+ Bed Medical Center: ER Operations Improvement
UCLA Anderson Office of Diversity: Marketing Strategy for Underrepresented Group

Local Non-Profit: Partnership and Fundraising Strategy

"Thank you to your group for all of your hard work on this project!  These results are really valuable and have helped us narrow down an initial focus as we start targeting 3rd party groups to improve our fundraising efforts." - Project Sponsor


UCLA Health Student Service Center: Operational and Organizational Improvement

Local Commercial Property Services Start-Up: Market Sizing and Segmentation

"The team showed professionalism, insight, dedication, and put a lot of effort into the project. It was a great experience for us and the end product will be helpful to strengthen [our company's] strategy." - Company Co-Founder

UCLA Anderson Student Services Office: Operational and Organizational Improvement

"I want to thank all of you for the outstanding work you did to help identify some of the challenges faced by the office.  I will be sharing a summary of your findings and recommendations with the faculty and staff.  You did an amazing job identifying the challenges and coming up with some recommendations that we can implement.  I particularly appreciated working with a team of both full-time and FEMBA students. The added perspective was very useful.  I will be reviewing the report in depth over the next few weeks and hope to begin implementing some of your recommendations in Winter Quarter." - Director of Student Services


Bay Area software start-up: Technology Monetization Study

"Thanks for your help with this project.  The data and analysis are helpful and our sales/business development team will be able to use this to get up and running fast."  - Project Sponsor

Southern California web-based start-up: Marketing and Product Strategy

"We were very much impressed by the group in terms of the process, the promise and delivery, and the final presentation.   We were pleasantly surprised by the good deck of slides received just before the presentation in early June.  The group was enthusiastic and presented in a clear and convincing manner.  Specifically, the marketing strategy analysis is full of good data andclear product position statements. The product strategy part employs a formal method for cost-effectively developing various product features.  We strongly commend the group and its leadership in providing a valuable,  timely, and effective service to ouryoung company." - Company Co-Founder