ASG Membership

Our members come from a variety of professional backgrounds and represent some of the most promising talent at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Although membership in ASG is by application and interview only, there are only two prerequisites: a deep intellectual curiosity for strategy work and membership in the UCLA Anderson School of Management's Management Consulting Association.

ASG Talent - Top MBA students selected from over 150 candidates.

Partners - Partners conduct business development and recruiting. They also each lead a project team from the initial scoping of work to the delivery of findings.

Consultants - Consultants perform the research and analysis that lies at the heart of ASG's strategy projects. There is a heavy emphasis on primary research as a way to add value for clients.  A typical project team consists of 1 Partner and 5 Consultants.

2018 Spring Consultants
Jeffrey Dean
Daniel Frandsen
Elizabeth Hunter
Ryan Jaworski
Tejas Kamaraju
Vaibhav Khunger
Christopher King
Bhaibhab Kislay
Kirk Andrew Kusonruksa
Ballard Metcalfe
Luiza Niemeyer
Kevin O'Connell
Paul Ockelmann
Shahed Serajuddin
Eric Siegel
Preethi Srikanth
Bhavuk Tandon
Christine Taylor
Ashley Wright

For Members: